My Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes

Urban Decay is by far one of my favourite brands, and I’m always excited when a new palette is released. The Urban Decay Naked pallets are definitely a must have in my makeup collection.

Now I don’t often make too much of an attempt to my makeup, as I often prefer the simple and “as natural as possible” look, however since stumbling across the Urban Decay collections, I found such an amazing array of colours, ranging from the nude and smokey look, right up to the bright and colourful. My personal preference has always been a nude and smokey look, and I always feel like Urban Decay has never disappointed. The colours always wear and blend superbly, and it’s not too much hassle creating a simple and elegant look.

Urban Decay: Heat Urban Decay: Naked 3

My day to day makeup may occasionally include a nude or smokey eye, and what better palette for this than the Urban Decay: Naked 3. From all Urban Decay Palette’s previous to this, I by far loved the Naked 3 the most as all of the colours were compatible with my skin tone, and that is often quite hard to find! The colours were a great blend and the brush provided was an absolute miracle! This palette helped me achieve a simple and elegant look without trying too hard. In short, the Naked 3 palette has all the perfect shades to create an elegant neutral or smokey eye, which is great all year round.

Urban Decay: Naked 3

My favourite palette of all time by Urban Decay was by far the Urban Decay Naked: Heat. The range and blend of colours is absolutely amazing, and once again the perfect colours for my skin tone. This palette works well all year round, especially with the range of autumnal colours and nudes. Upon seeing this in store I instantly had to have it! The colours are amazing and so pigmented, and allow for a range of different looks.

Urban Decay: Heat

Before the release of the Heat palette, I can honestly say, I was not really into my makeup, and cared very little about the eyeshadow aspect of it all. However, since stumbling across Urban Decay’s range of amazing products. I can definitely say that I have been transformed and my excitement has increased.

What are your thoughts on the naked palettes? Are they a staple in your makeup bag?